OneUkraine launched a podcast together with the world-famous psychotherapist Esther Perel.

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Helping where it is needed most

A charitable platform built around data to provide humanitarian aid for
Ukraine and spearhead scalable infrastructure projects.

Please help us to support mental health of Ukrainian families

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We are a team of entrepreneurs who
have come together to help Ukraine

Our Leadership Team is comprised of Ukrainian specialists.
Our co-founders are several global entrepreneurs.

What we do


Getting Ukrainians to safety.
We are working to minimize refugees’ trauma and make their experience of fleeing the country as safe as possible. Once across the border, we aim to help with registration, accommodation, and integration for a swift transition to employment and education until safe return is possible.

Humanitarian aid

Transporting much needed core supplies into Ukraine.
We understand one size does not fit all on the ground in Ukraine. With insights from our networks, we precisely target our relief efforts, work with officials to identify regional specific needs, source high quality goods, and organise transport to where help is needed most.


Preserving and rebuilding infrastructure to help Ukraine recover and prosper.
Preserving is better than rebuilding. We endeavour to use established monetary flows, supporting local companies and their employees, to preserve Ukrainian infrastructure and supply chains.

Mental health

One of the main courses of action of OneUkraine remains Mental Health and the TYSHA project, which takes care of the mental health of Ukrainians who suffer from the consequences of war every day.
OneUkraine is fighting not only for the opportunity to live in a rebuilt country but also for the desire to live and build a mentally stable future. Together with our partners, we managed to help thousands of Ukrainians master the basics of psychological support and learn how to provide the necessary help to kids and teenagers.

Our impact

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How we work

Data excellence

We work directly with grassroot initiatives and top governmental and corporate partners in Ukraine to access trustworthy sources of data and stay abreast of the current humanitarian aid demands and reconstruction priorities. We accumulate, verify and analyse the data to have a helicopter view of the current needs and long-time goals.

Local supply chain and vetted vendors

We have a comprehensive database of the manufacturers and service vendors in Ukraine, starting from food suppliers and light manufacturing to pharmaceutical and tech companies that can supply goods for humanitarian needs and be engaged in the country’s reconstruction. We have built a supply and logistic chain that allows us to efficiently source and deliver what is needed in Ukraine from almost anywhere in the world.

Expertise in the domain

We have a team of Ukrainian specialists with in-depth knowledge of the local situation and cultural peculiarities, who are fully committed to getting the job done from efficient emergency response to long-term reconstruction. We work with trusted consulting, auditing, and law firms in Ukraine and the EU that help us assess the importance, tractability, and level of every initiative we start.


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We are a CAF International Validated Organization

We are delighted to share that OneUkraine has been validated by CAF International.  We have completed an extensive application and due diligence process that goes far beyond a simple reliance on a foreign government database. The CAF International validation process includes a review of an organization’s key operational elements such…

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Please support our work and help our neighbours in Ukraine

There are many charities supporting Ukraine. What are you doing differently?

We have united seasoned tech entrepreneurs and skilled Ukrainian specialists who have in-depth knowledge of the Ukrainian environment and years of experience in the international environment. We make data-driven decisions that are aligned with priorities of the Ukrainian government by working directly with top governmental and corporate partners as well as grassroot initiatives in Ukraine to access trustworthy sources of data.

What are the long-term goals of your organisation?

Currently, we are taking part in the emergency response by evacuating refugees and delivering humanitarian aid. This allows us to set a benchmark for efficient reconstruction efforts that will drive the country not only in post-war years but to the steady development in decades to follow.

How do you know what Ukraine needs at this moment?

We work with the Ukrainian ministries, regional municipalities and volunteers. We accumulate, verify and analyse data to have a helicopter view of the current needs and long-time goals. We make weighted data-driven decisions and build sustainable solutions. In addition, we have a team of Ukrainian specialists with in-depth knowledge of the local situation who are fully committed to getting the job done, from efficient emergency response to long-term reconstruction.

How will you keep me updated on the current state of affairs?

We are fully transparent and keep all the participants and donors of our organisation updated on the long-term goals and priorities and short-term tasks attained weekly/monthly. All our donors receive an internal weekly report on the progress of the completed tasks. In addition, we publish selected case studies and analytics on our website.

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