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General questions

There are many charities supporting Ukraine. What are you doing differently?

We have united seasoned tech entrepreneurs and skilled Ukrainian specialists who have in-depth knowledge of the Ukrainian environment and years of experience in the international environment. We make data-driven decisions that are aligned with priorities of the Ukrainian government by working directly with top governmental and corporate partners as well as grassroot initiatives in Ukraine to access trustworthy sources of data.

What are the long-term goals of your organisation?

Currently, we are taking part in the emergency response by evacuating refugees and delivering humanitarian aid. This allows us to set a benchmark for efficient reconstruction efforts that will drive the country not only in post-war years but to the steady development in decades to follow.

How do you know what Ukraine needs at this moment?

We work with the Ukrainian ministries, regional municipalities and volunteers. We accumulate, verify and analyse data to have a helicopter view of the current needs and long-time goals. We make weighted data-driven decisions and build sustainable solutions. In addition, we have a team of Ukrainian specialists with in-depth knowledge of the local situation who are fully committed to getting the job done, from efficient emergency response to long-term reconstruction. 

How will you keep me updated on the current state of affairs?

We are fully transparent and keep all the participants and donors of our organisation updated on the long-term goals and priorities and short-term tasks attained weekly/monthly. All our donors receive an internal weekly report on the progress of the completed tasks. In addition, we publish selected case studies and analytics on our website.


How can I donate to a specific initiative within your organisation? 

Decisions on where to direct funds are made through a simple vote of the founding members. We use funds to support initiatives that are upheld by the majority of the voting members. However, we are open to collaborations with donors and corporations that want to support a specific initiative.


Do you have subsidiaries/branches in other countries?

No. However, we have a partner fund that facilitates payments for US citizens.

Will I be able to claim deductions on my taxes if I donate to your organisation?

You can deduct your donations in your tax return in Germany and the US. Please make sure to direct your donation to the relevant account and consult with your tax attorney.

Can I access financial statements of your organisation?

We include updated information on the amount of the donations received on our homepage. Beyond that, we unfortunately do not make financial statements public.

Do you conduct audits of your organisation?

Yes, we have chosen auditing company Ecovis to conduct audits of OneUkraine in accordance with all applicable laws.


I am a volunteer. How can I join your organisation? 

You can become an ambassador of our organisation by filling out a form here

I am a business owner. How can I cooperate with your organisation besides donation?

You can become a member of our organisation by filling out a form here

I am a representative of an NGO. How can I cooperate with your organisation? 

We are always open to cooperations with NGOs and would be happy to discuss a potential partnership if you have ideas how we can join forces efficiently.

I work in the public sector. How can my organisation/institution be of help? 

We are always open to partnerships with the public sector and would be happy to discuss a potential cooperation if you have ideas how we can join forces efficiently.


What aid do you accept?

Currently, our primary focus is on providing medical supplies, hygiene products and food. However, we accept any type of aid apart from ammunition and guns. We supply and purchase humanitarian aid and coordinate logistics so that goods from other donors and/or NGOs may reach Ukrainians in need.

How do you receive orders for aid? 

We work with Ministries of Ukraine, municipalities, NGOs, and volunteers on the ground who provide relevant requests of the needs of hospitals and people. For example, for the supply of medicine, we work directly with the Ministry of Health and receive consolidated weekly updates on the current needs of all Ukrainian hospitals. In addition, we have partnered with a Ukrainian technological company, Liki24, which consolidates the data of relevant needs of pharmacies.

For which aid will my donation be used?

We mainly use donations to source food and life necessities from local producers and supply medical aid to people in hospitals and field hospitals.Additionally, we sometimes use funds to support one of the initiatives that help us facilitate the delivery and distribution of humanitarian aid. We always provide full reporting on every delivery we complete.

Can you provide reports on the delivery of the aid funded by me?

We always provide full reporting on every delivery we complete to our members and donors. In addition, we publish the most complex operations as case studies on our website.

How do you deliver aid to Ukraine? 

We work with the biggest logistics providers in Ukraine, e.g. NovaPoshta.

How do you deliver aid to people?

We work with trusted volunteers and NGOs in the field which helps us to ensure transparent distribution by providing reports and photos of distribution of aid to the final recipients. In addition, we process the orders of Ministries, in which case the distribution is covered by the Ministries partners, warehouses and logistics providers.

Will you also provide military aid with your donations? And in what form exactly?

We do not work with the military and instead focus on helping people, hospitals, and doctors; however, specific medication can be distributed to doctors working in the field to help wounded soldiers.


Where do you take people fleeing from Ukraine? 

We currently provide accommodations in Germany and Austria mostly and specific locations will depend on current availability of accommodations. We are expanding evacuation capabilities and are working on building partnerships in more countries and municipalities.

Can refugees choose a place for relocation?

We try our best to help everyone in a way that suits their needs and preferences, based on our capabilities and available resources. Our focus is on evacuating women and children from Ukraine, and accommodating them in safe locations, where local volunteers and NGOs step in to help solving legal and admin questions.

If I am a refugee, how do I apply to be evacuated?

To register yourself and family/friends for the evacuation bus, please reach out to us on social media or at We post information about the bus schedules on Mademoiselle Martina’s Instagram page.

Do you provide support with registration and other legal formalities to relocated refugees?

Upon arrival, we help with language and administrative support regarding e-card, registration of rights to live/work in Europe, and health insurance. Once safe and rested, refugees should use the time to research as many opportunities to get registered into the system of the country they have arrived to.

Will you help refugees to relocate back to Ukraine if they are willing to return? 

We aim to facilitate the return of refugees once the situation in Ukraine stabilises and the country will be safe enough for women and children to return.

Ukraine Reconstruction

What types of projects are you focused on?

We are currently focused on projects in education, construction, the energy sector, local SME support, and the IT sector. However, we monitor the situation in Ukraine closely to ensure that our initiatives are aligned with governmental policies and reconstruction priorities as well as needs of local businesses.

How do you keep your reconstruction priorities aligned with the Ukrainian reconstruction policies?

We are working closely with the Ministries responsible for the reconstruction, and consult with companies in Ukraine and the EU to have a helicopter view of the current demand. This enables us to provide solutions tailored to specific Ukrainian needs.

How can I present/pitch my project to your organisation? 

We are open to collaboration and are always searching for piloting initiatives. Please reach out to us at