OneUkraine Annual Update 2022, CAF validation, Esther Perel podcast

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OneUkraine became a member of the ECHAlliance

The ECHAlliance Group (European Connected Health Alliance) is the Global Health Connector for digital health, facilitating multi-stakeholder connections around ecosystems, driving sustainable change and disruption in health and social care delivery. 

Jointly with the ECH alliance, we aim to create a platform to help therapists in Ukraine find training and people to find a therapist. The alliance’s advisory solid board guides us with interventions to be implemented, when, and where.

Tysha is a project that aims to provide mental health services to more than 2 million Ukrainians over the next 24 months. The project connects mental health experts from different countries to bring trauma-healing expertise to Ukraine and produce protocols tailored for the Ukrainian environment.

Thanks to the ECH alliance for cooperation and support!