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When missile strikes and sirens are commonplace, people experience reality differently; they are accustomed to it but still remember what everyday life was like. In this case, sirens are not the worst thing until the air raid alerts start to develop into anxiety disorders or panic attacks.

Tens of millions of Ukrainians suffer because of the war instead of just living, studying, creating and having fun. They recall traumatic events from the recent past that still echo in nightmares and moments when you are left by yourself. Traumatic events catch up with Ukrainians in front-line zones, under occupation and captivity. All these people need the help of specialists whose comprehensive work will contribute to restoring the mental health of the whole nation.

One of the main courses of action of OneUkraine remains Mental Health and the TYSHA project, which takes care of the mental health of Ukrainians who suffer from the consequences of war every day.

OneUkraine is fighting not only for the opportunity to live in a rebuilt country but also for the desire to live and build a mentally stable future. One of the large-scale assistance steps for our team was the “Knowing How to Help” (“Знати, як допомогти”) project. Together with our partners, we managed to help thousands of Ukrainians master the basics of psychological support and learn how to provide the necessary help to kids and teenagers.